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    Bendix brakes

    Brakes are one of the most important parts of automotive maintenance. When you step on that brake pedal for an emergency situation or a stop sign you expect the vehicle to stop. That’s why routine brake inspections are so important for the safety of you and others. Today’s brake systems are very complex with numerous components and an Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), which is controlled by the vehicle’s computer system. It’s not as simple as “just throwing on a set of pads and rotors” Servicing brake systems require specialized tools and training to properly and safely repair and maintain them.

    The quality of brake parts is also very important. At Areawide Automotive we only use the highest quality brake parts. Sure you can find inexpensive (cheap) brake parts at those chain retailers but there is a reason that professional repair shops do not use them. Poor quality brake pads will wear out sooner, squeak, make brake dust (that black stuff that gets all over the outside of your wheels) and will require longer stopping distances which could be dangerous. Brakes are such an important function on a vehicle that you should never skimp on quality. You will find our prices very fair and competitive.

    Our complete brake service includes:  Replacing the brake pads or shoes, cleaning and lubricating the surfaces with a high quality ceramic lubricant, replacing or resurfacing the drums or rotors as needed, inspecting the hydraulic system, calipers, master cylinder, wheel cylinders and ABS system.  The vehicle is then test driven for proper function after the repair is completed.

    Call today for a free brake inspection or price quote.

    Always Do Great Work

    Dave the owner and his team are awesome. Always do great work and if there’s any problems after the work they will be happy to try to re fix which happens like never. Fast, efficient, and friendly. They won’t just try to upsell you here. They will only tell and sell you what you need. And they will do it at a fair price too. Most mechanics will charge you an arm and a leg, these guys are fair and real.

    Sarah O.

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