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    Understanding What Those Lights on your Dashboard Mean

    When the light on your dashboard comes on, it is a sign that your vehicle’s computer system has detected a problem that could impact the performance and safety of the vehicle. The two most common warning lights you are likely to see are a Check Engine light or a Low Tire light.  The Check Engine […]

    Car Tip of the Month – Spring Car Care

    The signs of spring are everywhere.​  The grass is turning green, the flowers are starting to bloom and people are looking forward to spending more time outdoors. Spring is also an important time for vehicle maintenance.​ Here’s a list of some basic springtime vehicle maintenance items. (1) Read the owner’s manual or contact us to […]

    Car Tip of the Month – Batteries

    When does a car battery need to be replaced?  The battery is what powers every electrical component in a car. At some point your battery needs to be replaced, but when?  Over time, a battery loses some of its capacity and will drop so low that the battery won’t be able to start your car. […]

    Auto Repair – Repair Estimates

    We receive these calls every day; “Can you match this other shop’s estimate or price quote?”  Sure, everyone wants to save money.  I know I do. However, when I price shop it is for the same product, brand, and identical item.  Let’s first start by saying this: when Target or Walmart price matches a 4 […]

    Car Tip of the Month – Cabin Air Filters

    Does your car have one? A cabin air filter is found on most late-model vehicles.  It cleans and filters the air that enters your car and blows out your heating and cooling vents.  Its job is to collect dust, pollen, and airborne materials, in turn giving you fresh clean air from your heating and cooling […]

    The Best!

    The best!  Treats you with respect, good advice, fair prices, and great service!  Keeps my older vehicles safe and running well.  Helps you determine what is worth fixing without trying to shame you into getting a newer vehicle.  No one does it better!


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