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    shocks strutsIf your vehicle has worn steering or suspension components, this can cause many safety issues which could greatly affect your ability to control your vehicle.  Today’s steering and suspension systems are very complex.  Regular inspections and maintenance are very important.

    At Areawide Automotive, we will examine all of your steering and suspension parts to ensure they are in proper working condition.  Some of the most common problems are worn tie rods or ball joints that can break causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle.  A leaking or worn rack and pinion or gear box can cause you to lose power steering.

    Worn shocks, struts, or springs can contribute to excessive tire wear, longer stopping distances and also ride comfort.

    Broken stabilizer bars or stabilizer links can affect your ability to control your vehicle on sharp turns as they are designed to keep the car’s body from “rolling” in a sharp turn.

    Service may include replacement of the following components: tie rods, drag links, center links, idler arms, pitman arms, rack and pinion, axle shafts ball joints, control arms, shocks, struts, springs, stabilizer links, bushings, and sway bars.  By replacing worn parts, you can restore your vehicle’s performance and safety.

    Let the steering and suspension professionals in Lombard keep you in control of your vehicle.

    Always Do Great Work

    Dave the owner and his team are awesome. Always do great work and if there’s any problems after the work they will be happy to try to re fix which happens like never. Fast, efficient, and friendly. They won’t just try to upsell you here. They will only tell and sell you what you need. And they will do it at a fair price too. Most mechanics will charge you an arm and a leg, these guys are fair and real.

    Sarah O.

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