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    Oil Changes

    Changing your conventional engine oil at 3000 – 5000 miles or full synthetic engine oil at 5000 – 7000 miles is the cheapest maintenance you can perform on your vehicle to extend the life of the vehicle’s engine and maintain the manufacturer’s warranty.

    Oil ChangeOur Oil Change Service Includes:

    • Drain and replace the oil with your choice of synthetic blend or full synthetic engine oil.
    • Replace the oil filter.
    • Add washer fluid and inspect all fluid levels.
    • Lubricate chassis when applicable.
    • Inspect air & cabin filters when applicable.

    We do not try to upsell unnecessary services.  We will inform you of any items noticed that are in need of service or repair.


    A coolant flush is part of your vehicle’s maintenance.  It will extend the life of your engine’s cooling system and radiator, ensure proper performance of your car’s heating system, and prevent your engine from freezing up in the winter and overheating in the summer. 

    Our Antifreeze Service Includes:

    • Inspect cooling system for leaks.
    • Inspect radiator and coolant hoses.
    • Drain and evacuate the old antifreeze/coolant.
    • Refill the cooling system with the correct antifreeze/coolant as specified by the manufacturer.

    Differential Fluid

    Periodic replacement of the differential gear oil is recommended by vehicle manufacturers to maintain the longevity and performance of the differential.

    Our Differential Service Includes:

    • Drain and replace the old differential fluid with the manufacturer’s recommended gear oil and friction modifiers as required.
    • Replace any necessary gaskets or seals required when performing the differential service.

    Transmission Fluid

    Over time, transmission fluid gets dirty and deteriorates as components inside the transmission wear.  This in turn causes the filter to get plugged up and reduce transmission fluid flow to vital components of the transmission.  Proper service and maintenance of your automatic or manual transmission will help prolong its life.

    Our Automatic Transmission Service Includes:

    • Drain the fluid.
    • Replace the filter.
    • Clean the oil pan and replace gaskets as needed.
    • Fill the transmission with the proper fluid recommended by the manufacturer.

    Our Manual Transmission Service Includes:

    • Drain the fluid.
    • Clean the magnet on the drain plug when applicable.
    • Fill the transmission with the proper fluid recommended by the manufacturer.
    • Inspect the clutch hydraulic controls and fill the clutch master cylinder.

    All used fluids are recovered and disposed of in an environmentally safe manner.

    Always Do Great Work

    Dave the owner and his team are awesome. Always do great work and if there’s any problems after the work they will be happy to try to re fix which happens like never. Fast, efficient, and friendly. They won’t just try to upsell you here. They will only tell and sell you what you need. And they will do it at a fair price too. Most mechanics will charge you an arm and a leg, these guys are fair and real.

    Sarah O.

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