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    Maintenance and tune-upPreventive auto maintenance is the key to maintaining your factory warranty or extended warranty, maintaining fuel economy and vehicle performance, staying in compliance with state emission standards, preventing breakdowns, and saving on costly repairs. Protect your investment by keeping your vehicle properly maintained.

    Car Maintenance Tips

    • Have the oil and filter changed every 3-months or 3,000 miles:
      Short trips or stop and go traffic can cause engine oil to get dirty, turn to sludge, decrease oil pressure and cause premature engine wear.
    • Check all fluid levels:
      Low fluid levels could be the beginning of a larger problem. Have your vehicle inspected for leaks.
    • Inspect battery & charging system:
      A weak battery, worn starter or malfunctioning alternator could leave you stranded.
    • Inspect tires:
      Worn tires can be dangerous, especially in bad weather. Tire life can be greatly extended with proper inflation, rotation, alignment, and balancing.  Rotate tires every 6,000 miles.
    • Inspect brakes, steering, & suspension components:
      Worn or damaged components can increase stopping distance and possibly lead to an accident. Brakes and steering components should be inspected every 6,000 miles.
    • Keep your engine tuned:
      An engine with worn parts can greatly reduce fuel economy or performance and may not start during the hot summer months or cold winter months.

    Areawide Automotive provides the same vehicle maintenance services you would receive at the dealership and keeps your factory warranty active. Consult your owner’s manual for maintenance requirements.


    The Best!

    The best!  Treats you with respect, good advice, fair prices, and great service!  Keeps my older vehicles safe and running well.  Helps you determine what is worth fixing without trying to shame you into getting a newer vehicle.  No one does it better!


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