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    6.0_Vortec EngineEngine replacement can be a major decision. Do I replace the engine or junk the vehicle? Many factors can help with that decision.

    • Is the car in good condition?
    • Has the car been well maintained?
    • What is the value of the car?
    • Is it cheaper to fix this car or buy a new one?
    • If I buy another used car will it need hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs?

    Areawide Automotive offers engine replacement with a 3-year/100,000 mile nationwide warranty.  Call today for details and a price quote.


    The drivetrain is a system of components that are responsible for taking the power of the engine and transferring it to the wheels through a system of complicated components. Drivetrain components include the transmission, transfer case, clutches, differentials, axle shafts or CV shafts, drive shafts, u-joints, and wheel bearings.

    The drivetrain in your vehicle is made up of some of the most expensive parts to have replaced. That’s why it is important to perform preventative maintenance on these components.

    Trust your vehicle repairs to the engine and drivetrain professionals at Areawide Automotive.

    Honest Repair Shop

    I first heard of Areawide Automotive from a group on Facebook. Everyone was recommending them and I didn’t really have an auto repair shop that I went consistently to and could trust so I decided to give them a try. I have brought my car to them a couple of times now and they are great! They are so nice and their prices are very fair! They are an honest repair shop and I would highly recommend them to anyone!

    Celene O.

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