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    Why is my check engine light on? Is it a major problem or something minor? Is it safe to keep driving?

    Check Engine LightsToday’s vehicles are equipped with computers that monitor the fuel system, electrical system, and emission components in your vehicle and warn you when something is going wrong. When your check engine light comes on this means the vehicle’s computer system has detected a fault that signifies that there is a malfunction and your vehicle requires service as soon as possible.

    Some of the most common reasons for check engine light activation can be simple maintenance such as a tune-up or oxygen sensor, or a more serious problem such as a faulty catalytic converter, EGR system, or evaporative emission leak. There are numerous other reasons for your check engine light to come on.  A solid light means you need to get your vehicle checked as soon as possible.  A flashing light indicates a more serious problem that needs to be diagnosed immediately and the vehicle should not be driven.

    A vehicle with a check engine light on will not pass the state emission test and will require a diagnostic test to determine the fault.

    Parts stores are not able to diagnose your vehicle; they can only pull a code and offer multiple reasons or parts that may or may not repair the vehicle. This could cost you more than having the problem diagnosed by a professional repair shop.

    Areawide Automotive offers a free scan to determine what fault code has been stored.  Once the code is read, then the technician can advise what repairs or diagnostic steps need to be taken to repair the vehicle.  If your vehicle failed the emission test, our technicians have the experience and knowledge to fix it properly.

    Check Engine Light on?  Have it scanned for free.

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    The best!  Treats you with respect, good advice, fair prices, and great service!  Keeps my older vehicles safe and running well.  Helps you determine what is worth fixing without trying to shame you into getting a newer vehicle.  No one does it better!


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