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    Air Conditioning

    auto-refrigerantIs your air conditioning blowing warm air? There could be a number of things wrong when your car’s air conditioning stops working including being low on refrigerant/freon. Your A/C system is a sealed system so if it is low on refrigerant, it usually means there is a leak. There are many components of the system such as the A/C compressor, condenser, hoses, evaporator, drier, accumulator, and the vehicle computer or climate control system.

    The A/C system requires a calculated amount of refrigerant so if you are thinking of going to the parts store and “adding a can of freon” this could be a costly mistake. The A/C system is under high amounts of pressure and requires proper evacuation, recovery, and measurement of the proper amount of refrigerant. Too much refrigerant can actually cause the A/C system to blow warmer and create dangerously high pressures in the system. The use of so called A/C system “leak sealers” is strongly discouraged as they can actually create bigger problems and destroy the A/C components. Your A/C system is also utilized in the winter when you turn the heater to defrost. The air conditioning compressor is also turned on to assist in defrosting the windows.

    This is why you should always have your A/C system serviced by a qualified professional like the air conditioning experts at Areawide Automotive in Lombard.

    Heating & Cooling

    Car engine and cooling systemsYour vehicle’s heating and cooling system is very critical not only to your comfort but also to the life of your engine. Today’s engines and cooling systems are made up of aluminum and plastic components. An engine that is running hot or overheating can easily cause major engine damage which could result in a very costly repair. Some of these components include the water pump, thermostat, radiator, hoses, heater core, cooling fans and antifreeze.

    The air conditioning and cooling system should be inspected every spring and fall. The cooling system should be completely flushed and refilled with new antifreeze about every 24 to 36 months. The engine’s belts should be checked regularly at oil change intervals.

    Schedule your air conditioning, cooling system and heating inspection with the specialists at Areawide Automotive in Lombard.

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